Organization and Coherence in Essay Writing

An effective essay description should be organized so that the details build   on each other naturally and logically. Depending on your subject, you may organize your description in any number of ways. Two ordering methods that work well for descriptive writing are partial order and order of importance. Let us examine how each of these methods is used.

Spatial order

Spatial order is a natural way of linking up the sensory details of a description particularly a description of an object or a place. When you use spatial order to organize a description you help to clarify the picture you are creating by using some of the common spatial transitions. These transitions  add coherence to your sentences. These include:- above, down, near, parallel, ahead, far, next to, there, around, here, opposite, under, below, horizontally, outside, vertically, beneath, inside, over and within,  the example below  in the descriptive passage bellow will show you this example.

“Gray spread through the atmosphere just above the housetops a faint mist collected, and splotches of wetness fell to the ground. Down at ground level the blades of grass glimmered as the sun’s brightness washed away the ga7y – as if to pull the coming morning from the night.”

Order of importance

Another effective way of ordering the details in  essay description is by arranging them according to the Oder of their importance. You might, for example, begin with the least important details and move on to the most important (or most interesting) once. Sometimes it might be appropriate to make strong start using the most important detail. When you organize the details in a description according to the order of their importance, you can clarify their relationship to one another by using transitions such as the following once; they help to make your writing coherent:- At first, last, most of all, first, latter, primarily, former, most important and second. The following description is organized according to order of importance. Note the underlined words, which help the reader keep track of the details as the writer moves from less  important once to the most important

“When you are sizing up a freshman in this school, you can begin by looking at shoes – for shoes can tell you also lot about hoe a student interprets the big transition to high school. One type of shoe that will catch your eyes is the “four-inch”. This shoe has a heel about four inches high that seems to find itself on its side every three or four steps as the results of a weak ankle giving way.”


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