How to Start a Reflection Essay

Essay writing is an essential skill for people of all ages. To convey a clear, concise and meaningful written prose is not only useful as a practical ability to search and find a job, but also to better understand how to communicate with those around you. It is also part of school assessment

Reflective essays are a powerful tool to convey personal experiences. The beginning of these trials is crucial moments that if done correctly, will allow you to connect your readers and make them willing to follow the entire journey of your story.

You need to settle a captivating topic. You want to write something that is meaningful to you personally, but also something that is unique in your life and experiences; Something that will stand out and be unique from any other personal written story. Choose the story you want to think about and tell the story to make sure it is complete and interesting.

Write your first sentence, also or Put something very unusual and interesting in this sentence, perhaps something particularly exciting in history. The only trick to keep your reader going is to perfect the art of using suspense. That should be right from the first paragraph. Starting in the middle of your story is still an effective and exciting but some readers will tend to judge a good story from the first impression. The only place to show a good first impression is in your first introductory paragraph.

Concentrate in the first paragraph to start your essay with background information on your head. Consider addressing the five “W” s: who, what, when, where and why. For example, if your first sentence is “I was swimming in Hawaii, the seals were on my tail, and I was getting exhausted,” you connect your reader with the same, pass the rest of the first section tells us how it works and why.


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