Organization and Coherence in Essay Writing

An effective essay description should be organized so that the details build   on each other naturally and logically. Depending on your subject, you may organize your description in any number of ways. Two ordering methods that work well for descriptive writing are partial order and order of importance. Let us examine how each of these methods is used.

Spatial order

Spatial order is a natural way of linking up the sensory details of a description particularly a description of an object or a place. When you use spatial order to organize a description you help to clarify the picture you are creating by using some of the common spatial transitions. These transitions  add coherence to your sentences. These include:- above, down, near, parallel, ahead, far, next to, there, around, here, opposite, under, below, horizontally, outside, vertically, beneath, inside, over and within,  the example below  in the descriptive passage bellow will show you this example.

“Gray spread through the atmosphere just above the housetops a faint mist collected, and splotches of wetness fell to the ground. Down at ground level the blades of grass glimmered as the sun’s brightness washed away the ga7y – as if to pull the coming morning from the night.”

Order of importance

Another effective way of ordering the details in  essay description is by arranging them according to the Oder of their importance. You might, for example, begin with the least important details and move on to the most important (or most interesting) once. Sometimes it might be appropriate to make strong start using the most important detail. When you organize the details in a description according to the order of their importance, you can clarify their relationship to one another by using transitions such as the following once; they help to make your writing coherent:- At first, last, most of all, first, latter, primarily, former, most important and second. The following description is organized according to order of importance. Note the underlined words, which help the reader keep track of the details as the writer moves from less  important once to the most important

“When you are sizing up a freshman in this school, you can begin by looking at shoes – for shoes can tell you also lot about hoe a student interprets the big transition to high school. One type of shoe that will catch your eyes is the “four-inch”. This shoe has a heel about four inches high that seems to find itself on its side every three or four steps as the results of a weak ankle giving way.”


Child Abuse Research Paper Writing

The ugliest and the loathsome social issues are often neglected or ignored in most of the cultured and civilized societies of this modern world. Although, there are lots of human rights activists that are working out their slogans and raising their voices against the human rights violations but still we come across lots of global issues that are harming the integrity of mankind. The child abuse is one of the social menaces that we have been unable to get rid of. There is a big percentage of the child population that is being maltreated globally. The students who are studying this type of issues should select the child abuse for their research paper writing. It would not only be helpful in their academic career but also it would let them know what role they can play in eradicating the child abuse from the globe.

While selecting the topic as regards the child abuse in writing the research paper, there are lots of topic options to select from. For example the students can opt for any type of child abuse category being exercised in any part of the world. Here are some of the categorical options available with the students:

  • Neglecting a child of its rights
  • Physical abuse of a child
  • Abuse inflicting the emotions and psyche of the child
  • And most devastating is the sexual abuse that ask for being very careful to our responsibilities

In addition to the above, the students may focus on the global participations and efforts that are being carried out to fight this global issue. The child abuse is available almost in every community in any of its shape but the percentage of the severity and the frequency might vary with the region or the community. We have come across many regions that are quite neglected as to the child abuse where it is being exercised the most. There are some countries and tribes even where children are being married with either some older ones or to one another which harms their psyche. The students can impart a well played role to get the communities aware of the child rights. In a research paper aiming at the issue of child abuse, the students can put their suggestions that can be helpful in educating the people not only about the child rights but also about the human rights. This goes a long way in getting a more mature grade out of your assignments as well.

Reuters: Most of stars in our galaxy got planets nearside

Data, gathered through the Hubble telescope, opened new horizons for astronomers. Theory that there are some stars which staying alone got no foundation under it. Recent research proved that every star in our galaxy got at least one planet which moving around it. Sometimes they are not visible, but most of “travelling planets” are moving around some central points and in most cases these centers are stars. Interesting fact that in some cases length of distance between planet and star equals more than 200-400 of diameters of a star.


Certain nouns and adjectives that refer to geographical areas or topographical features are capitalized.


In a geographical name, name, capitalize the first letter of each word except articles and prepositions.

Continents                         Australia, South America, Europe, Asia

Bodies of Water                              Lake Ontario, the Jordan River, Strait of Belle Isle, Cape Code Bay, the Adriatic

                                               Sea, St. George’s Channel.

Land Forms                       the Pyrenees, the Sinai Peninsula, the Grand Canyon, the Syrian Desert, Mount

                                               Constance, the Plains of Abraham, Raton Pass, the Rocky Mountains.

World Regions                  the Orient, the Middle East, the Far East

Special Terms                    the Northern Hemisphere, the Tropical of Cancer, the North Pole

Political units                    the District of Columbia, the West Indies, San Francisco, the Republic of Texas

Public Areas                      Gettysburg National Park, Fort Niagara, the Blue Grotto, Mount  Rushmore

Roads and Highways    Main Street, Rout 447, West Side Highway, Van Buren Avenue, the Ohio


Usage Note

In official documents, words like city, state, and country are capitalized when they are part of the name of a political unit: the Country of Westchester, the City of Dallas. In general usage, however, such words are not capitalized.

Capitalize the word modified by a proper adjective only if the noun and adjective together form a geographical name.

English Channel                               English accent

The Indian Ocean            Indian artifacts


Capitalize names of sections of the country or the world, and any adjectives that come from those sections.

The Jennings moved from the East Coast to the Southwest

Jane is from a Midwestern town, but she has an Eastern accent.

Do not capitalize compass directions or adjectives that merely indicate direction or a general location.

Drive south on Pine Street to the first stoplight.

I spent my vacation on the western coast of Yugoslavia.

The hurricane moved northward.


Capitalize the names of planets in the solar system and other objects in the universe, except  words like sun and moon.

Neptune                             Halley’s Comet                an eclipse of the sun

Jupiter                                 the Big Dipper                  a phase of the moon

Capitalize the word earth only when it is used in conjunction with the names of other planets. The word earth is not capitalized when the article the precedes it.

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Pluto are known as the terrestrial planets because they resemble the earth in size, density, and chemical composition.


Capitalize the names of specific monuments, bridges, and buildings.

                The Lincoln Memorial                   Arch of Triumph

                The Prudential Building                                Tower Bridge

                The Flat Iron Building                    the State of Liberty

Capitalize the names of specific ships, airplanes, automobiles, and spacecrafts.

                Queen Elizabeth II                          the Denver Zephyr

                The Spirit of St. Louis                     Reliant

Punctuation Note

Underline the names of specific ships, airplanes, trains, and spacecrafts, but not automobiles.  

How to Start a Reflection Essay

Essay writing is an essential skill for people of all ages. To convey a clear, concise and meaningful written prose is not only useful as a practical ability to search and find a job, but also to better understand how to communicate with those around you. It is also part of school assessment

Reflective essays are a powerful tool to convey personal experiences. The beginning of these trials is crucial moments that if done correctly, will allow you to connect your readers and make them willing to follow the entire journey of your story.

You need to settle a captivating topic. You want to write something that is meaningful to you personally, but also something that is unique in your life and experiences; Something that will stand out and be unique from any other personal written story. Choose the story you want to think about and tell the story to make sure it is complete and interesting.

Write your first sentence, also or Put something very unusual and interesting in this sentence, perhaps something particularly exciting in history. The only trick to keep your reader going is to perfect the art of using suspense. That should be right from the first paragraph. Starting in the middle of your story is still an effective and exciting but some readers will tend to judge a good story from the first impression. The only place to show a good first impression is in your first introductory paragraph.

Concentrate in the first paragraph to start your essay with background information on your head. Consider addressing the five “W” s: who, what, when, where and why. For example, if your first sentence is “I was swimming in Hawaii, the seals were on my tail, and I was getting exhausted,” you connect your reader with the same, pass the rest of the first section tells us how it works and why.

Writing Term Papers Successfully

Term papers are allocated to each student –to be completed by the end of a term. The nature of these papers is more prone to research and findings. Different people employ different techniques to complete their papers. Having this said, you should be familiar with various styles of writing. Although it is true you cannot master all these techniques, but better is the thing if you are at least familiar with all styles of writing. Another important thing is to know the types of the term papers. They are somewhat similar to the types of research based essays.

The styles you can opt to might take account argumentative, analytical, definition, compare & contrast, survey, cause & effect, report, reviews and others. Any style could be taken up according to the customized requirements of the term paper. The type or style of the term paper mainly depends on the selected topic. Supervisor, usually, give a free hand to students to choose a topic themselves. If you get such an opportunity, do not miss out the chance to select a unique topic. The topic of your paper must be very logical and effective. Noteworthy is fact that if your topic is not effective, your paper won’t be able to drag reader’s attention.

Two-way must be the procedure of research. If you have selected a topic, conduct a research in such a way that it covers both of the sides –both positive and negative aspects must be considered. With a proper introduction, the term paper must engage the reader’s attention. When your term paper catches up the reader, the next step is to keep them logged in –you can do that by providing them information and necessary details. The quality of any writing depends on its content. Conclude the piece of writing when you are sure that you have done your part. It is not compulsory to assert anything –leave the decision in the hands of the readers after showing them the both sides of the picture.

Prepare catalogues –yes very necessary it is. You should always know where to look up to locate an information or reference. Wise it is to prepare rough drafts and arrange the information. It helps you organizing your thoughts. Do not trick your audiences, if you think you can –a folly it is. People read and they want to know. Keep this very fact in mind while dealing with your term paper. Remember, your term paper is your reflection –not anyone else’s.

Helpful Essay Writing

Whenever we write a best piece of essay what we usually keep in mind is just a grammar and little vocabulary. But there is more to learn and demonstrate in a single essay as it is not that simple as it seems. You need to work out more information with touching ideas and perfect blend of points and resources. An essay always describes your ideas with a nice fashion and makes your reader understand each of your point. Hence it is really important to keep some basic points in view before start writing the essay.
A planned content
Most writers make mistakes in planning the whole essay. If you really want to bring a mega change in your essay, take a closer look to plan your work and go ahead accordingly. Once you will have a full flash concept map, there you will easily draw various ideas to soother your writing with awesome content.
Accumulation of resource
It is really essential to gather more content before starting the work from internet, books and other similar resources. Select the basic ideas from the resource which collectively shape your whole essay. Queue the ideas and start writing according to the planned content.
Choosing a best topic
Most writers get failed in selecting a relevant topic for the essay. That is the reason, such piece of works are always ignored by readers due a messed up. Choose a catchy topic that will truly induce a passion in reader to learn more from your work.
Introductory section
Never forget to start the essay from an inspiring word, phrase or a quotation etc. the more you will make the introductory part attractive, the more your essay will glitter. Use various techniques to shape your introductory part of the essay.
Body and Summary
Once you start writing, here you need to take few more steps to write the content in the body with perfect English without any grammatical mistake. Conclude the whole essay in the final paragraphs with awesome sentences.